Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Establishing an Effective Strategy when Buying a Cobb County Home

You want to purchase your first home. This is arguably a fantastic time to purchase one of the many homes for sale in Cobb County, as interest rates are still rock bottom, and it is still decidedly a buyer’s market.

However, aside from socking away your 20 percent down payment, do you have a strategy for starting the home buying process?

Here is your game plan for buying a new home: 

Determine if you’re ready to purchase your first home – Just because you have the resources to purchase a home doesn’t always mean you should. In other words, owning a home is by no means right for everyone. If you know you will stay put in one place for more than a few years and you’re ready for the responsibility that comes along with owning a home, then now may be your time. 

Find a great real estate agent – Take the time, do your homework and find a qualified Atlanta real estate agent who will work hard to find you a home that best meets your wants and needs. Ask friends and family for referrals and interview a few agents. Don’t forget that the real estate agent you choose will work closely with you.  Therefore, in addition to his or her credentials, make sure his or her personality suits you. 

Get pre-approved for a home loan – It just doesn’t make sense to begin any type of home search if you don’t know: (a) if you are eligible to obtain a home loan and (b) how much home you can afford. Get the pre-approval letter in your hand before you visit your first property.  This also gives you additional leverage when negotiating your offer, as you demonstrate that you are a serious and qualified buyer.   

Take the time to research the market and decide where you want to live –  To prevent a blind search for that perfect home, you will want to narrow down your options by not only home price, but by location as well. Select a few neighborhoods in which you may want to live and do your research to determine if they best meet your needs. 

Keep the process streamlined and organized – Don’t overwhelm yourself by visiting ten homes in one day. Ask your agent to show you a handful of homes on any given day so you can take your time and really pay close attention to each home and whether it is right for you.